Updated list of services offered by On The Metal Ltd


Bigfest Associate Producer Nick Accordino talks to Ryan Clements on the 2014 E3 Livecast stage.


A BigFest update on the PlayStation Blog. More to come soon.


The latest information on platforms and release dates for BigFest via the PSN website.


On The Metal's Steve Oldacre introduces BigFest on the Playstation Blog.


On The Metal is currently working on a multi-format title for a triple A publisher and a variety of other technical and creative projects.


On The Metal is a computer game development company formed in 2012. It's company ethos is to strive for great products, never settling for generic results.

On The Metal builds proprietary technology to maximise the potential of the target platforms. The software development is driven by the creative requirements of the Art and Design departments. Technology brings ideas to life.

With core members who have a strong history releasing quality software, On The Metal will be delivering fun, high quality games for years to come.


On The Metal is expanding and currently looking for talented graduates and experienced veterans to join its teams.

Please get in touch at recruit@on-the-metal.com with your résumé if you are interested.

On The Metal Ltd
Sheffield, UK